Ife City Tourists’ Centre is one-stop centre for travel, tours, events, vocational, cultural and intellectual activities concerning Ile-Ife, the famous cradle of the Yoruba and other towns in the old Yoruba country, better known as South Western Nigeria today. The towns include Oshogbo, Ado-Ekiti, Abeokuta, Ibadan, Akure, Ikogosi, Erin-Ijesha, Lagos Island, Badagry, Ijebu-Ode etc.

The Centre champions the celebration of the civilization of the Yoruba: religions, architecture, history, governance, medicine, spirituality and Mankind. Ife, the cradle, is the centre of this universe.

Tour Places

There are over a 100 places of interest to tourists visiting Ile-Ife. These can be categorized into three”

Shrines of deities
Offices of Ife Traditional Government
The National Museum of Antiquities
Christian, Muslim & Ifa Historic Worship Centres
Pioneer Modern institutions
Obafemi Awolowo University


Festivals dominate the event calendar in Ile-Ife. Different festivals occur in tight sequence. This has given birth to the saying, “There is no day that Ife don’t celebrate festivals”. The Year 2023 Calendar of Festivals is published on this website.

The major festivals are the Oduduwa Festival in January, Oranmiyan Festival, Edi Festivals and undisputably the most consequential, Olojo Festival in September.

Tour Guides

Ife City Tourists Centre’s trained Tour Guides provide the most interesting guide to the historic places and the significance of every stage of the festivals in the languages of the Tourists. They are vibrant men and women who help tourists grasp the essence of the Yoruba experience.

The Hotels

For the safety, comfort and pleasure of the Tourists, Ife City Tourists’ Centre provides accommodation at self-serviced apartments and highly rated hotels in the city at reasonable rates.


To ensure the security of tourists, the Ife City Tourists’ Centre works with the Nigeria Police, The Community Police and the Private Security Agencies to ensure 24/7 protection of our customers.


To further ensure the protection of our Tourists, we offer a Tour Insurance to them to keep their minds at rest while they enjoy the beauty of the spirituality and the material progress of the Yoruba civilization.
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